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R. Lewis Wright

Author of the Shadow Strike and Zeraph's Path series

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An Introduction to the World of 2113 and the Terran Alliance:

Flight of the Wasp

Flight of the Wasp

When unknown enemy ships attack Starbase 54 the crew of the Terran Alliance Ship Wasp are forced to run for their lives. With their captain and first officer missing, Grimos Tichen, the former chief of operations on the starbase, finds himself the senior officer onboard. He takes command and tries to lead the ship out of danger. The Wasp is near the end of her useful life, badly damaged, running out of fuel, overcrowded, and stranded far from safe harbor, but the commander and crew are determined to do their part in the struggle against the encroaching hostile forces. Only time will tell if their new commander can hold them all together long enough to rejoin the fleet.