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R. Lewis Wright

Author of the Shadow Strike and Zeraph's Path series

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The First Chapter in the Shadow Strike Series:

Shadow Strike: Birth of a Vigilante

Shadow Strike Novel Cover

Just a few years from now, economic crisis has shifted the power to local governments. Organized criminal groups have taken advantage of the situation, to carve the United States into regional territories which they control through force, intimidation, and corruption. Ken, raised by his grandmother since the loss of his parents at an early age, is fortunate to be getting a first-class education. He and his friends are just average college students primarily concerned with dating, parties, and homework, until they are confronted by the lawlessness and violence. Together, they hatch a dubious plan to strike back at their local syndicate. From the shadows, they seek to meet out their own brand of vigilante justice. It’s a perilous journey that will test their courage, convictions, and friendship.