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R. Lewis Wright

Author of the Shadow Strike and Zeraph's Path series

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The First Novel in the New Sci-Fi Series:

Zeraph's Path: Life on Phobos

Zeraphs Path

It’s 2013 and there’s trouble brewing in the Terran Alliance. In ninety years humans have colonized over a dozen worlds and built numerous outposts within a few hundred light years of Earth. Most of the settlements have fallen under the sway of the central government, but the winds of discontent are becoming a storm. Commander Lightholder is a seasoned space veteran with a checkered past. In the midst of the turmoil he’s given command of an untested ship and a mostly inexperienced crew. They’re thrown together and rushed into service. Their mission to combat dangerous smugglers quickly becomes much more complicated. A successful mission will take more than everyone on the ship giving their best. It will take a miracle...